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Air Conditioning


Red Rock Auto and Cycle is proud to introduce our newest team member, a 30 year plus European automotive technician. Mark Fordham. So for you European car drivers like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi, stop in or call (928) 282-4988 and get your vehicle serviced soon.


  • When its hot outside, you want to push the button on the dash and have it cool inside.

    We can make that happen. With up to date equipment and trained technicians, we can give you the comfort you need on those days that are unbearably hot. Whatever the problem, Red Rock Auto & Cycle understands and can repair your climate control system.

  • Improper service can damage your air conditioner system and that can be extremely expensive.

    The professionals at Red Rock Auto & Cycle are trained and equipped to service your system properly. As with everything we do, we test, we don't guess.

  • Refrigerant leak diagnosis and repair

  • Insufficient cooling or heating solutions

  • Dual-zone temperature diagnosis and repair

  • Automatic temperature control system service

  • System reprogramming with factory specifications

  • Water dripping into the passenger compartment

  • Total system repair to simple recharge

  • Changing parts without finding root causes for failure is expensive and frustrating.

    Root cause analysis and diagnosis are second nature to us, It is what we do. With air conditioning as with all our services, we don't work on cars, we fix them.