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Customer Service



This pretty lady is a great help when it comes to our commitment to provide the best customer service possible. Eager to be of service, Anna can be counted on to drop whatever she may be doing to provide customer shuttle to and from work or home, deliver and pick up vehicles and parts. cleaning the office and waiting areas and even getting grease under her nails and in her hair in order to help our team. Thanks to her you can count on fresh coffee, cold spring water in the cooler, and well stocked supplies. Unlike her husband, Owner Bill Raper, she is very organized and helps keep the paperwork in order.

Anna has been in the automotive industry for many years working in rental car, dealerships, parts suppliers and delivery of automotive parts.

Anna enjoys spending time with Bill riding with him on his motorcycle, hiking, painting and crafts. She also enjoys making small meaningful improvements around the shop that seems to add a homelike atmosphere.

Born in Cottonwood AZ. and graduating high school in Oregon she came back to the Verde Valley and has been here ever since and is a true asset to Red Rock Auto & Cycle.