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Engine Diagnosis, Service & Repair


Red Rock Auto and Cycle is proud to introduce our newest team member, a 30 year plus European automotive technician. Mark Fordham. So for you European car drivers like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi, stop in or call (928) 282-4988 and get your vehicle serviced soon.


  • Check engine lights

    Service Engine Soon Lights (SES) or more properly "malfunction indicator lamps" (MIL) can be quite confusing. First they come on, then they go off and just when you think everything is okay, they come back on again!

  • The MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) on a modern vehicle can check for about 2000 different problems and conditions.

    It is an extremely complex system and is informing you that the vehicle has encountered a problem with the computer engine management systems.

  • When the light comes on, a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is stored in the computer's memory.

    Retrieving this numeric code will tell our technician which system the engine computer saw a problem with. Contrary to common belief, it does not tell us what is wrong with the vehicle.

  • The DTC (diagnostic trouble code) is only the beginning of the diagnostic process.

    For instance a code might be set that indicates the oxygen sensor is out of range. This does not mean the sensor is bad. There are many reasons for it to read out of range including a vacuum leak, coolant leaking into the intake, or even a loose connection among many other things.

  • This is where the professionals at Red Rock Auto & Cycle come in.

    We have the correct scan tools and software for most makes and models. Scan tools help find problems quickly, to save you money. We also have OEM level information to determine the cause of your MIL light quickly and accurately. No changing parts at your expense while hoping to fix the problem.

  • Our methods will electronically isolate the possibilities, without guesswork or expensive part replacement.

  • If your check engine light comes on or if you fail State inspection, call us right away and find out why a professional diagnosis is the best investment you can make.