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Fuel Injection Service


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Fuel injector service is a must to preserve the performance of your vehicle.

Fuel injectors are located in the intake manifold, just above the intake valves, or in the actual combustion chamber. They spray fuel through a tiny nozzle as they are pulsed open and closed using electrical commands by the vehicles powertrain control module (PCM) The fuel injector uses a special nozzle to spray the fuel as mist, instead of a strong jet stream. Just think of the nozzle on the hose you use in your yard. You can change how the water flows out of your nozzle. There can be jet stream, shower, mist, and many more settings. A fuel injector must spray fuel as a mist so that it can atomizes with air for a cleaner, more efficient burn.

When you step on your gas pedal, your vehicle's throttle valve (which is a valve that opens and lets air into your engine) works in conjunction with your fuel injectors. When the throttle valve opens, your fuel injector sprays fuel to mix with the air as it enters the engine's combustion cylinders.

Fuel injectors can become dirty and clogged over time, which will lead to poor performance, bad gas mileage, and even dirty exhaust emissions. A fuel injector can become clogged around its valve and nozzle. The opening on a fuel injector's nozzle is very tiny; since a fuel injector's nozzle must spray a fine mist, any tiny build-up of fuel, carbon, or debris can affect the fuel injector's performance. Build-up can consist of wax, dirt, and other carbon deposits. Most build-up occurs from short trips, meaning a vehicle that normally travels for only fifteen minutes; low-quality gasoline that does not contain detergents also causes build-ups. Detergents can actually clean a fuel injector while you are driving, but many refineries are removing the detergents from their fuel to sell gas at a cheaper price. If a fuel injector is dirty or clogged, your engine won't get the necessary flow of fuel to mix with the air, which will lead to poor acceleration, engine performance, and gas mileage.

A fuel injection service can be done with leaving the fuel injector in the vehicle or taking it out. Almost all of the time, fuel injection service can be done with the fuel injector still in the car, unless it needs to be replaced.

During a full fuel injection service, several things are done: your fuel pump's pressure and volume is checked; your pressure regulator is checked; your fuel rail, which is the pipe that sends the fuel from your pump to your fuel injector, and fuel injector screen is flushed; your fuel injectors are flushed and cleaned; your throttle valve and air passages are flushed; and your engine's computer is checked to make sure the air/fuel mixture is correct and all of the sensors are working. Thus re-creating the power, performance and gas mileage that has deteriorated over time.

Other benefits included are the intake and exhaust valves get cleaned, removing carbon buildup that slows down air flow, the top of pistons and the ring lands get cleaned and even the oxygen sensors and parts of the catalytic converter get cleaned and this all helps with cleaner emissions from the exhaust pipe.