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How We Came to Be


Red Rock Auto & Cycle began with a borrowed $1500, a prayer and a dream. Bill Raper, its founder and owner, grew up in Sedona. His father was a cowboy in the area and Bill punched cows with his dad from the time he was old enough to hang onto a horse. He decided very early in life that horses and cattle didn’t go fast enough or make enough noise and they made too much of a mess. His uncle was a mechanic and Bill was fascinated with engines and how they worked. He kept his motorcycles running by trial and error. As a teen he worked at a full service gas station, pumping gas and washing windshields. He loved helping the mechanics and decided that he was going to become one of the best. He went to trade school and has worked in the automotive and motorcycle repair field ever since. His lifelong dream was to own and operate a successful repair shop. That dream has continued to come true since 2005 when he decided to take a leap of faith and open his first shop in Camp Verde with nothing more than his small collection of tools and equipment in a rented 700 square foot building. His determination of providing the highest quality workmanship with honesty, integrity and fair pricing has turned that tiny little shop into what Red Rock Auto & Cycle is today. Located on HWY 89a in his home town.