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Oil Change/Lube Oil and Filter Service


Red Rock Auto and Cycle is proud to introduce our newest team member, a 30 year plus European automotive technician. Mark Fordham. So for you European car drivers like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi, stop in or call (928) 282-4988 and get your vehicle serviced soon.


  • Red Rock Auto & Cycle is now offering our premium lube oil and filter service at the amazing low price of $39.95 for conventional oil and $59.95 for full synthetic oil, for most cars and light trucks.

    This one of a kind service includes draining and refilling the engine oil, (up to six quarts), lubricating chassis, replacing oil filter, checking and adjusting all other fluids and tire pressures, free tire rotation if needed, our custom designed, extensive multi point digital inspection, a computer scan health check, road test, and a factory recommended service interval print out for the mileage that your vehicle has.

  • Red Rock Auto & Cycle is one of the very few shops in our area, providing such an extensive personal overview of your vehicle.

    Each service takes approximately one and a half hours as our inspections are very thorough and packed full of information and specific photos.

  • Free Sedona area pickup and delivery or a courtesy ride is available for you busy working folks that are on the go.

  • We want to be your number one choice for all of your automotive service and repair needs and we go the extra mile to provide you

    With convenience, piece of mind, and satisfaction that all of our work is covered with a 12 month 12,000 mile nationwide warranty.ph here.


The benefits of regular oil changes are many. In order to keep your vehicle performing optimally and to get the maximum life from your engine, your vehicle ABSOLUTELY needs an oil and filter change regularly. Why does your engine need a regular oil change? Let's keep it simple and highlight some key facts about oil. Engine oil is a:

  • Lubricant

    Oil, whether it is synthetic or conventional, is first and foremost a lubricant. After a while the oil will break down and lose its lubricating properties, this is natural and with almost any vehicle this will occur every 3 months of solid driving or 3,500-5,000 miles.

  • Coolant

    Oil's lubricating properties reduce friction and pulls heat away from the moving parts of the engine. Also most newer cars have an oil cooler that pumps cooled oil back through the engine to reduce overall temperature.

  • Cleaner

    Engine oil will filter debris from the crank case and oil galleys. Most oil is also built with detergent packs which keep all internal moving parts clean. Cheap oil will work for any vehicle but your vehicle can really benefit from the good stuff.


  • Because engine oil is in constant contact with the many moving parts it can start to collect minor pieces of debris.

    An oil filter will sift these fine particles of debris out and collect them in its catch. If debris is left to build up the filter can become clogged, reducing the flow of needed oil to the moving internal parts and the entire system can suffer. Changing the engine oil filter is recommended to ensure safe operation.