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The Owner


​Owner, Bill and his beautiful wife Anna


Owner and lead technician Bill Raper is ASE master certified, and grew up in and around Sedona. In High school, Bill was in the top of his class in auto shop and welding. He kept his first pickup truck and several motorcycles running by trial and error. He probably made every mistake possible -- but fortunately he learned from them. Bill worked at a full-service gas station in the nearby Village of Oak Creek, pumping gas and checking fluid levels and tires. He then went to work at Sedona Chevron doing the same thing. One day, his employer noticed the true desire that Bill had of becoming a mechanic. He sent Bill to the Arizona Automotive Institute in Glendale Arizona--moving him, his new wife and the first of four children. While attending trade school at night Bill worked as an entry-level technician at a dealership and then an independent repair shop. Shortly after graduating AAI, Bill moved back into the Verde Valley area where he eventually became a lead technician in another local dealership. While employed by dealerships, Bill pursued extensive training and education and has continued to do so ever since. His life-long dream has been to own and operate his own repair shop bringing to it all that he had learned. In 2005, that dream became reality. With $1,500 he took a leap of faith and opened his first shop (NOSHOS AUTO & CYCLE) in a rented 700 square-foot building. Bill has transformed that tiny little shop into what Red Rock Auto & Cycle is today. How? By sticking to his motto. Honesty with integrity, fair pricing and quality workmanship.